Sunday, July 7, 2013

Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murray Live 07.07.2013 final Wimbledon Tennis

               Novak Djokovic vs Andy Murra

    Wimbledon final Championships Live 2013
            Category: Grand Slam tournament

                             Sunday, July

                       TIME: 9:00 AM (ET)

Where I come from this is what I call a popcorn match, it’s the type that you just want to sit back on the sofa and enjoy — and for me it is that kind of one-off contest which is too close  to call as Andy Murray tries to battle his way to his destiny.
When I see players of very level technical standard up against each other I always look at the intangibles, but in this case even those are arguable either way.
Novak has won two of their Grand Slam finals to Andy’s one, but then you could point to their one meeting on grass. That was a huge occasion, the semi-finals of the Olympics last summer and the Brit prevailed, so he will take that on to the court with him.
What I can guarantee is that you will see two of the all-time great movers on a tennis court playing each other. However often I watch these two guys, and I was lucky enough to work with one of them, I am always amazed by the athleticism of two big men who stand 6ft 2in (Murray) and 6ft 3in (Djokovic).
There is a sense that this is Andy’s time, but when you look at his opponent there is so much in his game that is dangerous.
Murray has a superb return of serve but Djokovic’s has been phenomenal in these past two years.
I watch him receive 20 first serves and sometimes he manages to get 19 of them back, and usually into a reasonably neutral area where he can start the rally on equal terms.
He so often gets into the perfect position from which to deliver his groundstrokes, and that helps the aggressive forehand and down-the-line backhand which is a signature shot. And there will be no problem about Novak not believing in himself.
That said, Murray has come  through so much to reach the final and you have to admire the pressure he has withstood. It could well be that now he is in the championship decider with a clear goal it will free him up to make history, and he has the priceless experience of having been there 12 months ago. We will have to see if Novak’s exhausting, brilliant semi-final is a factor.
One more thing I am pretty sure about: it will be a great contest with these two always dragging some magnificent tennis out of each other


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